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It has been a frustrating and difficult time at the City Council, and City Labour Councillors are deeply worried about the future of the Council. It is absolutely vital that the Leadership of the City is the best it can be to deliver the best possible services to the residents of Gloucester, especially those who are struggling with bad housing, low incomes and poor opportunities.

This proposal has to have more to it than just balancing the books it has to be right for the residents of Gloucester.

A year ago the City Labour Group pushed for a Local Government Association Peer Challenge which was published in January. Since then we have consistently called on the Tories who run the City to accept the help and advice offered by the LGA. At  Annual Council we voted against the Administration for failing to make progress in dealing with the problems in the Leadership.

Whilst we feel that it has taken too long to get to this point, with missteps like the 2 Director model and the failure to appoint to the vacant Corporate Director role, along the way, this proposal does appear to offer the City a chance to take its rightful leading position within the County.

All main Political Groups on both City and County have fully participated in the negotiations around setting up the post, however, it is vital, that the democratic accountability is there and that the City retains its identity.

The proposals for shared services are an inevitable consequence of the massive Tory-led Coalition Government  cuts to Council budgets but we have argued in the past that Unitary working can bring benefits beyond mere cost savings and will be looking to see those achieved.

The City Labour Group are meeting next week to consider the detailed proposals on their merits, we will not play politics with the future of our City.”

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