Making Your Mind Up!


City Council Elections are on the horizon and on the doorstep there is a different mood. People across the City feel that the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition Government is punishing them on all fronts. In the face of rising prices for basics like food and fuel even a hot pasty is becoming a luxury many can’t afford. There is a shortage of housing and rents are going up but housing benefit for hard working people is being cut. Crime is increasing but basic policing is disappearing from our streets. The Tory City Council seems paralysed by the assault of cuts to its budget, they talk about regeneration but their schemes are unambitious and ignore large parts of the City. The Tory County Council is ripping libraries out of communities, charging more and more residents to park outside their own homes and has destroyed services for young people. I could go on.

Labour in Gloucester is in touch with the people who live and work here. Times are tough but this City needs leadership. We need to make the right choices to support residents and businesses. Choices like free parking after 4pm for an hour in the City’s carparks. Choices like helping people get mortgages when they can afford to buy and a choice of decent rented property if they choose not to. Choices like a living wage for Gloucester so everyone can afford to work.

So on May 3rd you make your choice at the ballot box – my advice? If you want a Labour Council, vote Labour and keep voting Labour until we get one. It’s time.

Labour Candidates

Abbey  Jean Grigg

Barton and Tredworth   Usman Bhaimia

Elmbridge   David Hitchings

Grange   Chris Chatterton

Hucclecote    Daniel King

Longlevens    Terry Haines

Matson and Robinswood   Mary Smith

Moreland   Mark Hobbs

Tuffley    Maria Griffin

There are no elections in other wards.

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