4 more years

I have my nomination papers  signed and handed in for the start of the City Council Local Election campaign. Whilst we knock on doors throughout the year, this marks the busiest time for us. We want to listen to what people have to say, explain things that are happening that may affect them and ask if they will support us. And in particular, this year, me.

Being a Councillor for  Matson and Robinswood ward for the last 4 years has been a great  privilege. Meeting people from all parts of the ward and listening to their concerns, helping them work to improve  areas and representing the ward at City Council has been has been hard but rewarding work. I hope that I have made a difference. However, to make more of a difference then Labour in Gloucester need to win not just in Matson and Robinswood but in wards we don’t hold.

A Labour administration at the City Council would still have faced the massive cuts imposed by the Tory Lib Dem Coalition Government but we would, for example, have been able to avoid charging for garden waste by allocating money from the New Homes fund that was granted the week before the budget was set. We have argued to protect the Voluntary Sector, Shopmobility and other services and if in control would take steps to limit the damage being caused by these cuts. We would have listened to what the people of Gloucester wanted.

So make sure your voice is heard in tough times by voting Labour on May 5th.

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  • richardp1975  On April 1, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Vote for Kate if you are able to – she’s a dedicated, hard working councillor that genuinely does knock on doors all year round, not just at election time.

    She stands up for ordinary working people, and she’s not afraid to speak up in public meetings, unlike those that sit on their hands.

    Gloucester would be a better place if there were more like her representing us.

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